Economic Development


We're always hearing that "We need jobs." The truth is that there are hundreds of jobs available in this area, but the problem is that most people can't afford to work at them or they need two of them to make ends meet. We need to focus on bringing life sustaining jobs to Cambria County that enable our residents to be able to live here, support a family, and realize a high quality of life. 



Cambria County has an abundance of natural resources, positioning it to become a major outdoor recreation/tourism destination. Mountains, rivers, and endless tracts of dense forests create an adventurers paradise where visitors can boat, bike, hike and immerse themselves in nature. Cambria County, our home, is a place where you can work hard and play hard!  

Quality of Life


In order to achieve economic development, one thing companies look at is the quality of life a community offers to its employees. We must work to decrease crime, fight the opioid epidemic, increase recreational opportunities, increase cultural opportunities, and improve the overall health of Cambria County. 

Common Sense Fiscal Responsibility


As an Upper Yoder Township Supervisor, Scott has always concentrated on keeping the township's fiscal house in order. Scott will give the same concentration at the county level. He will not play politics with your tax money and will be the fiscal watch dog, that he has been for the past 11 plus years.